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Nikah nama is a binding contract and a fundamental element of an Islamic marriage. A wedding contract is an agreement between the Bride and Groom that outlines both parties' rights and obligations. For Pakistani Urdu nikah namas (Marriage Contracts), the related issues are uphill tasks for expatriate / abroad Pakistanis. They are living in countries around the world like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, UAE, and Saudi Arabia etc. Those who are unable to visit or travel to Pakistan for this purpose can apply online to get their marriage. Burhan & Associates is a law firm that provides legal assistance to clients in a variety of issues. We serve our clients all around the world, with presences in major cities like Lahore and Faisalabad in Pakistan.

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West Pakistan Rules under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961

If you need to get a duplicate copy of your Nikkah Nama, you can contact the concerned Union Council Office. The Nikah Nama is a legal document that serves as evidence of marriage under Muslim law. It is important to keep the original copy of the Nikah Nama in a safe place, as it is a public record. The Nikah Nama form consists of four copies, which are filled out by the Nikah registrar (Nikah Khawan). All concerned individuals must sign the form.

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The NADRA Marriage Certificate provides additional evidence of your marriage registration. The original nikah nama is in Urdu, but if you need it for any proceeding, it can be translated into English, Arabic, Hindi, Bangla, Afghan, German, or any other language. You can download the Pakistani Nikah Nama form in Urdu or English Format as a PDF Document from our website. We're here to help make your special day one that you'll remember forever with our online Nikah services.

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