What is Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)?

The Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) is a provincial authority established by the Punjab Revenue Authority Act of 2012. Its purpose is to collect sales taxes on services in the Punjab region. It's important to note that there are two types of sales taxes: taxes on goods and taxes on services. PRA only deals with taxes on services. Almost all service sectors in Pakistan are required to pay taxes to PRA on account of sale tax on services. Sales tax registration is required for almost all service providers, individuals, firms and companies in Punjab. Prior to the 18th amendment, sales tax on services was within the domain of the FBR, but later on, for the purpose of provincial autonomy, it became a provincial domain. Some of the services providers required to pay sales tax to PRA are as follows: Here is a list of some businesses that commonly use consultants:

-Advertisement companies

-Marketing companies

-Financial Consultants including Chartered Accountant

-Travels consultants and business consultants

-Banking Services

-Legal Profession

-IT businesses including call centres

-Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes

-Construction services

-Telecommunication services

-Catering services

-Courier services

-Custom Agents, Shipping Agents etc.

-Insurance Companies -Property Developer and Builders -Beauty Parlour, Salons and clinics

- Airlines, Travels Agents and Tour operators -Automobile dealers -Carriage and Transport Services -Brokerage and commission agents

-Cable TV operators

-Laundry and dry cleaning services

-Advertisement in newspapers

-Fumigation and maintenance services

-Rent a car services

-Car dealers

-Photographers and film makers

If you are providing services in Pakistan or are engaged in the service sector, you will need to register with the Punjab Revenue Authority or the Revenue Authority of the province in which you have established your service business. To see whether you fall within the domain of sales tax on services or services tax, please see Schedule 2 of the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012.

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Documentation Required For Sales Tax registration OF Sole Proprietor with PRA

- PST 01 Form
- Copy of NTN
- Copy of CNIC
- Mobile Number and Email Address
- Paid Electricity Bill
- Tenancy Agreement along with owner CNIC or Ownership Documents of Business Premises
- Bank Maintenance Certificate
Documentation Required For Sales Tax registration OF Partnership Firm with PRA
To register your company, you'll need the following documents:
- A copy of your firm's NTN
- A copy of your partners' CNICs
- Your mobile number and email address
- Form C
- The Partnership Deed
- A paid electricity bill
- The Tenancy Agreement along with the owner's CNIC or Ownership Documents of the Business Premises
- A Bank Maintenance Certificate

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Documentation Required For Sales Tax registration OF Private Limited Company with PRA

The following is a list of documents that are required in order to apply for the PST 01 Form:
-Copy of Company NTN
-CNIC copy of Partners
-Mobile Number and Email Address
-Form II
-Incorporation Certificate
-MOA and AOA
-Paid Electricity Bill
-Tenancy Agreement along with owner CNIC or Ownership Documents of Business Premises\
-Bank Maintenance Certificate

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