Restaurant Registration in Pakistan

The restaurant business is booming not only in Pakistan but all over the world. It is one of the most successful businesses in Pakistan. If you want to establish your own restaurant, you have to get a license from the concerned authority, just like in any other country. The same system follows in Pakistan; Hotel/Restaurant Registration is mandatory for a food supplier in order to commence business in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the law relating to food items which may or may not be served in hotels and restaurants is administered under various statutes and rules. The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Act, 1976 and The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Rules, 1977 were put in place to help regulate restaurants specifically. However, the law extends to various other statutes as well, like the sales tax Act, 1990 and Income tax Ordinance,2001. Agreements are administered under the stamp act, among other things.

The law that deals with the registration and control of hotels and restaurants is mainly The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Act, 1976, with The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Rules, 1977 as a supporting document. This act covers things like classifications of hotels, how they should be managed, and rules for advertising. All restaurant and hotel owners must apply for registration with the controller before opening their business. If they do not register, they may be subject to imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of up to 500,000 rupees.

Registration of a restaurant requires the owner to meet certain standards in terms of health, hygiene, and comfort. They must also have medical certificates from staff members confirming their good health, and the restaurant building must be structurally safe. There may be other requirements in accordance with law that must also be met. After registering their restaurant, the owner is required to obtain a license from the controller. Usually, registration and the license are issued at the same time. A license granted will be valid for one year and is renewable yearly after paying the required government fee.

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At Burhan & Associates, our expert lawyers may assist you with the following: - Obtaining registration and licensing to open a hotel or restaurant
- Providing you with a complete feasibility study and advising on the best business structure to minimize taxes and maximize profits
- Drafting the lease agreement and/or registering the ownership deed
- Brand name/trademark registration for your hotel or restaurant
At Burhan & Associates, we can help you with all aspects of employment law, from drafting contracts to negotiating the best possible tax arrangements. We can also assist you with confidentiality agreements, and all aspects of hotel, restaurant and other commercial transactions, including franchise agreements. If you are involved in a dispute with a vendor, partner, employee or customer, our lawyers can provide you with representation and advice.

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