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Online Nikah Service is a unique opportunity for all those Pakistanis who live abroad and cannot attend their marriage or due to some reasons they cannot physically participate in the Nikah process. Due to the opportunity exists in the Pakistan Marriage laws and in Sharia (Hanfi School of Thoughts) they can perform an online marriage in Pakistan by appointing a Lawyer. For online marriage in Pakistan, it is not necessary that both the spouse should be a Pakistani citizen. If anyone of the spouses is a citizen of Pakistan, they can get register their marriage. In Middle East countries like U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, etc. a female cannot perform Nikah without a wali. However, there is no such condition in Pakistani Marriage laws. So, no Wali is required to perform online Nikah in Pakistan. A special clause has been introduced in the Pakistani Nikahnama which talks about appointing Vakeel / Representatives on behalf of marrying couples. Pakistanis or foreigners living abroad but want to have their marriage registered in Pakistan have to appoint a lawyer. Subsequently, the lawyer will perform and process the Nikah papers. Zahid Law Associates is the leading family and marriage lawyer in Pakistan. We are the pioneer of online Nikah worldwide. We have conducted hundreds of online marriages all over the world.


Step 1:

We require Clients’ Passports / ID Cards copies via Email and their Particulars.

Step 2:

We settle a convenient date to solemnize their NIKAH. When both the Bride and Groom may join us on a video call.

Step 3:

On the scheduled video call, our Qazi Nikah Khawan recites Khutba-e-Nikah. He administers the Ejab o Qabool in the presence of the Vakeels and two Muslims Nikah witnesses.

Step 4:

After the recitation of Nikah, we process the legal documents for both parties’ signatures to apply for marriage registration from the concerned authority on their behalf. These may include registration of Nikahnama (marriage contract) and NADRA Marriage Certificate. We may also serve English or Arabic translations with attestation from notary public / foreign affairs’ subject to received signed documents duly attested.

Who is Nikah Register?

According to section 5 of Ordinance VIII of 1961, For the purpose of registration of marriages under Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961, the Union Council shall grant licenses to one or more persons. These persons are called Nikah Registrars. Can Nikah be done over the phone? Yes, if the necessary conditions are fulfilled as mentioned above. Is internet marriage accepted in Islam? In Hanfi School of thoughts, it is accepted if the prescribed conditions are fulfilled. I need service for Pakistan marriage certificate attestation in Dubai We provide the service of Attestation of Marriage Certificates from the concerned departments.

What is the way to Nikah?

What is the way to Nikah?

Who can benefit from Online Nikah Service in Pakistan?

All overseas Pakistani and foreigners who mary to a Pakistani can benefit from Online Nikah Service.

Is online Nikah valid?

Yes, online nikah or nikah on skype is valid according to Hanafi School of thoughts and the relevant Pakistani Marriage laws.

How to register Nikahnama in Pakistan?

Check out this page.

Who can be a wali in Nikah?

Wali is an Arabic word with a number of meanings. In the context of Nikah, “Wali” is someone who has authority or guardianship over somebody else, and in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) particularly “an authorized agent of the bride in concluding a marriage contract (nikahnama) where the Wali traditionally selects the bridegroom. Muslim scholars have held that in order for the Nikah (marriage) to be valid, there must be the consent of the bride, the groom, and the bride’s wali or male guardian. This view is held by most Muslim scholars, but the Hanafis hold that the wali’s permission is not necessary for the Nikah. The wali is typically the father or, failing that, a paternal grandfather or brother of the bride. Typically a father, brother or husband (a mahram) or paternal grandfather is wali mujbir, or if there is no Muslim relative, a qadi may function as wali.

How to do Nikah without witnesses?

Nikah cannot be conducted without Witnesses.

Can Nikah be done over the phone?

Check out the Nikah procedure above.

How many witnesses needed for Nikah?

Two Muslims witnesses

Who can avail Online Nikah Service?

We offer Online Nikah Service including nikah document worldwide. Whether you are living in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or Dubai, London or New York, you can hire us for your Marriage registration and documentation.

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