E-Commerce Law in Pakistan

E-commerce law refers to the set of regulations that govern businesses that operate electronically, as opposed to those that use traditional, physical means. This includes all online retail activities, such as purchasing goods, availing services, delivery, payment facilitation, and supply chain and services management. Some notable examples of e-commerce law include end user or internet trade agreements, and consumer to business or business to business contracts.. At Burhan & Associates, we work closely with our clients to help them protect their commercial interests online. We understand how important it is for businesses to have a strong online presence, and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. We offer a wide range of services to help businesses design, implement, and revise their online marketing strategies. We also provide the tools and knowledge needed to protect website property rights and information. Our goal is to help businesses ward off potential litigation and make their online businesses more valuable. We counsel technology businesses on the scope and applicability of competition and consumer protection laws to technology development, distribution and use. Our goal is to help our clients develop and implement online standards that comply with domestic and international laws. We also advise businesses on consumer protection requirements for online advertising, sales and marketing, and the management and use of personal consumer data.


E-Commerce Law Practice in Pakistan

At Burhan & Associates, we specialize in internet law and e-commerce. Our attorneys have written many papers, given speeches, and taught several courses on the legal and commercial issues involving both areas. We are happy to represent regional ISPs, website and online content developers, hosts, distributors and other electronic commerce enterprises! We know the importance of having a reliable and secure internet connection for both business and pleasure, which is why we're proud to offer our services to those who need it most. We also advise more traditional companies on the legal and policy implications of their use of existing and new technologies


Scope of E- Governance in Pakistan

At our law firm, we understand that internet and e-commerce law not only impact high-tech companies but also those who provide more traditional products and services. Because of this, we offer all clients the opportunity to take advantage of our Internet Legal Audit. Every Audit is different and catered to the client's specific business parameters. They are also designed to address many cutting-edge legal issues before they turn into significant business liabilities.

The firm’s services include:

Our team of e-commerce lawyers can help you with a broad range of legal issues related to your online business, including: Reviewing, negotiating and drafting website agreements, contracts, business policies, disclaimers and disclosures Constantly monitoring and evaluating your web-based business operations and website content against industry best practices to ensure compliance. Constantly monitoring and evaluating your web-based business operations and website content against industry best practices to ensure compliance. Counselling regarding compliance with e-commerce, privacy and data security laws, intellectual property laws, user-generated content safe harbour provisions and consumer protection directives Advising on the international expansion of your Internet-based business and affiliate programme At our law firm, we not only provide transactional assistance, but we are also available for internet and e-commerce business litigation matters. This includes domain name and cybersquatting disputes, trademark and copyright infringement, patent and trade secret disputes, breach of contract claims, antitrust and unfair competition disputes, privacy disputes, and false advertising disputes. Our attorneys have experience in data protection and security measures, database systems analysis, and strategic risk-analysis to ensure both your and your consumers' privacy and security.


Computer law in Pakistan

  • Computer law is a set of regulations that govern the acquisition, license, development, and usage of computers and other technology. This area of law helps to protect buyers and sellers when entering into agreements to purchase or lease hardware, as well as when specifying the rights and obligations of parties involved in developing or licensing software. By providing some stability and predictability in the ever-changing world of technology, computer law allows businesses to feel more secure when using new tools and platforms. We specialize in contractual rights and obligations, development and licensing agreements, technology owned by third parties, Protection of ownership rights in high technology, purchasing, leasing and service agreements, requests for proposal or quotation and statement of work. Burhan & Associates' telecommunications group is internationally recognized and based in the firm's Lahore & Faisalabad offices. The group advises on commercial, regulatory, and infrastructure matters related to telecommunications, particularly those with an international dimension. This includes regulations, transactions, disputes, service providers, equipment suppliers, government and public telecom operators, and privatization.
  • The notice can be sent by telegram, fax, or letter, but it is preferable to send it by registered post, as this is clear evidence of service. Our telecommunications lawyers have an understanding of the commercial and technological aspects of the telecommunications industry and continually monitor market developments in Pakistan. We offer our clients legal advice that is specific to their sector in order to successfully meet the challenges of today's rapidly developing international telecommunications industry. Burhan & Associates is a law firm that provides legal advice in the telecommunications field. This includes areas such as regulation, transactions, and disputes in various sectors such as wireline and broadband, wireless, satellite, and Internet and e-commerce, as well as information technology. We're proud to have worked with service providers, electric utilities, equipment suppliers, and governmental bodies in the past and present. At our firm, we pride ourselves in being able to offer full support to our telecommunications clients. At our law firm, we are proud to have some of the best attorneys in the business who focus on different aspects of technology law. This includes intellectual property litigation, patent and technology protection, copyright and content protection, trademark and identity protection, unfair competition, and life sciences. If you need help with any legal matters concerning technology, we have the perfect team to assist you. Not only that, but our attorneys also provide the traditional legal support often needed by telecom companies, such as corporate law, litigation, employment law, tax law, antitrust law, international trade law, and property law.
  • At Burhan & Associates, our legal team is comprised of some of the leading international technology lawyers who represent information technology, electronic commerce, financial services, telecommunications, and other technology-intensive companies on cutting-edge legal issues. Our integrated team based in our Lahore & Faisalabad offices bring to bear a wealth of critical technology, regulatory, corporate, and litigation experience with tax, anti-trust, and other capabilities to ensure efficient and cost-effective representation for our clients. At our IT and IP legal team, we always make sure to stay updated with the latest developments in all areas of IT and intellectual property law. What's more, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand how technology law, IT law, commercial law, and global legal issues all fit together to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients. Our focus on strategic issues and our intimate knowledge of various industries allows us to help our clients negotiate terms that will protect them during the entire lending relationship.

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