How to Apply for WEBOC Registration in Pakistan?

Weboc Registration

Weboc has been around since 2011 and has played a key role in facilitating trade for not only traders, but also customs officers and agents. This online system has streamlined the filing process and also contributed to promoting online goods declaration, quick clearances, and a fast-tracking system.

It's commonly believed by traders and startups in Pakistan that getting custom clearance is not only difficult, but also time-consuming. However, with the right tools and information, traders can now easily and conveniently engage in import and export business themselves. The problem is that many don't know this, so they hire custom agents instead who declare goods in their own name or the name of somebody with a Weboc license. The solution is to educate traders about the new paradigm shift in the trading field so that they can take advantage of it. Weboc is a great tool for traders who want to declare their imports and exports, seek clearances, and get duty and taxes assessed.

One of the main benefits of having a Weboc license and making imports and exports through your own Weboc is that you can easily show a trail of your transactions and have no problem confronting the Revenue Authority in case of an audit in the future. So much so, you not merely avoid being taxed for unable to prove and substantiate trail of money before revenue authorities but also generate white money for the purpose of Federal Board of Revenue.


The following documents are required for company registration:

- Original CNIC of Directors

- Original Nadra Verification receipts of Directors

- Original Income Tax Certificate issued by FBR

- Original Sales Tax Registration Certificate

- Original Incorporation certificate from SECP

- Original Memorandum and Articles of Association attested by SECP

- Form II, Form 29, Form A certified by SECP

- Original Proof of Ownership or rent agreement of Business premises along with photocopy of Landlord

It is mandatory for all businesses in Pakistan to file their latest income tax return with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). In addition, businesses must also active taxpayers for sales tax and have a valid original chamber of commerce license. Businesses must also submit their latest original electricity and PTCL bill in relation to their business premises, as well as an original bank statement from the last six months with a minimum balance of Rs. 300,000/-. Lastly, businesses must submit a cash deposit of Rs: 500/- in the form of a bank receipt or pay order in favor of Director Custom. It is important that the Director's personal appearance is professional and presentable. This includes having a visiting card and passport size photographs. The original board resolution for the WEBOC ID should also be included.

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In order to register your business in WeBOC, you will need the following documents:
- Your original CNIC
- A verification from NADRA
- Your original NTN Certificate issued by FBR
- Your original STRN Certificate issued by FBR

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Documents of ownership of your business premises, or the rent agreement along with a photocopy of the CNIC of your landlord

- A valid Chamber Of Commerce Certificate
- An Active Taxpayers List status for Income Tax and Sales Tax
- A utility bill from your business premises
- An Undertaking as per the format on Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper
- A filled Registration Form from WeBOC
- A bank statement from your business account for the last six months
- A Bank Maintenance Certificate from your business account

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To register your business, you'll need the following documents: - The original CNICs of all partners
- Nadra verification of the CNICs of all partners
- The original NTN certificate
- The original STRN certificate
- The original partnership deed and Form C

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The ownership document of the business premises or rent agreement with landlord, including a copy of the landlord's CNIC

- A valid Chamber Of Commerce and Industries Certificate - The Active Taxpayers List for Income Tax and Sales Tax
- An undertaking on Rs. 100/- stamp paper as per format
- The filled registration form of WeBOC
- Bank statements from the business account for the last six months
- A bank maintenance certificate from the business account


We offer support and guidance for registering your company so that the process is as smooth as possible for you. This includes preparing any documents and filling out registration forms, as well as making the fee deposit. We want to make sure that everything is in order before you officially open your business!

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