Second Marriage Law in Pakistan: What You Need to Know?

The first marriage law in Pakistan was enacted in 1959 and has since been reformed several times. The current Second marriage law in Pakistan came into effect on March 31, 2017. If you are considering getting married, it is crucial that you understand the new law and how it will affect you. This way, you can ensure that your rights are protected and your interests are represented if your marriage does end up in court. Here are some key facts about the 2nd marriage law in Pakistan that you need to be aware of. In Pakistan, polygamy is a legal practice for men only. The recent amendment to the law states that a man must obtain permission from his first wife before marrying again. He must also prove that he can financially support multiple wives. Civil lawyers in Lahore can help men navigate the process of getting permission for a second marriage by gathering documentation and filling out forms required by the court. With an experienced lawyer, the process will be simpler and quicker. Civil lawyers are well versed in family law and are familiar with all aspects of Pakistani culture, so they will be able to guide you through the process smoothly. The expert family lawyer can be a great resource when you're applying for a second marriage. Your Family Lawyer will be able to answer any questions you have about marriage or divorce and provide you with the necessary paperwork. According to the new law, anyone who has been married before will need to obtain a divorce certificate from their previous marriage, with a few exceptions such as if your spouse has passed away or if you have an annulment. If you need help getting a divorce certificate, free legal aid organizations are readily available to assist you. The law also exempts anyone under the age of 18 from needing a divorce certificate. If someone is younger than 18 but at least 16 years old, they must receive consent from one parent (if living) and one judge to marry again. The recent change in Pakistan's marriage law has created some difficulties for couples trying to get married for the second time. First, the law now requires that a lawyer be present at the marriage ceremony. This can be expensive and may not be possible for many couples. Second, the law requires that the couple obtain a divorce decree from their first marriage before they are able to marry again. This can be difficult to obtain, especially if the first marriage was not properly documented. The process of obtaining such documents can be expensive and time- consuming. A lawyer can help with the paperwork, but this will require significant funds.

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