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Pakistan is the 26th largest economy in the world, and because of this, many foreign companies are establishing new business branches here. Some businesses are looking to invest in new or different ideas, either through start-ups or established companies. If you have an innovative concept, now is the time to present it to potential investors. Each year, thousands of students graduate from different universities in Pakistan and establish their own start-ups. Thanks to government initiatives and increased awareness around technology and entrepreneurship, several universities now have entrepreneurial societies to inculcate the spirit of learning in young students. This is a great way to encourage young people to start their own businesses and contribute to the economy! The result? We now have several hundred start-ups who work to improve the life of people around the world, make profitable business ventures, and increase job creation.


At Burhan & Associates, we have a team of expert corporate lawyers who are proud to have registered several successful start-ups in Pakistan. We understand that the registration process can be complex and time-consuming, so we take care of all the legal issues related to registration so that you can focus on your business. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service and we will make sure that your company is registered quickly and efficiently. Our clients save more time and energy to invest in their business and they become successful and more powerful businesses because of one little trick we've taught them.

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Below are some of the most popular types of business establishments in Pakistan: Sole Proprietorship: A business owned and operated by a single individual. Partnership Firm: A business owned by two or more individuals who share profits and losses. Private Limited Company: A company that is privately owned and has limited liability. Sole Proprietorship, also known as Proprietor Concern, is a business structure where there is only one owner who manages and controls the business.

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Partnership firms are a business structure where two or more people come together to share resources and skills for a common purpose, and to share in the profits and losses of the business. The profit and loss sharing is based on the terms and conditions of partnership, which are set out in a partnership agreement between the partners. Partnership is often seen as the most convenient business structure, as it is registered after the partners have agreed on the detailed terms and conditions of the venture. This means that any business disputes between partners can be dealt with according to the partnership agreement.


A Private Limited Company is a type of business entity that is owned by either one person (known as a Single Member Company or SMC) or a group of people (if there are 2 or more directors, it's simply called a Private Limited Company). The maximum number of directors or shareholders in a company is 15. One thing to note is that shares in a Private Limited Company cannot be traded publicly. This business structure is not only considered to be more organized and secure, but also directors or shareholders are only liable to the extent of their shares in the company - meaning they won't be held personally responsible for any debts the company may incur. This means that their personal assets are safe and cannot be liquidated to cover liabilities in Court. The company is registered with the Security Commission of Pakistan under the Companies Act, 2017. In case of management disputes, directors can file a complaint with the Registrar of SECP instead of going to court. This will adjudicate the dispute more efficiently and effectively. We charge Rs. 11,999/- to register a company with local directors.

Which Business Establishment is most Beneficial?

The decision to choose the best type of business establishment for your company depends on the sector you're in and what benefits or drawbacks are associated with it. When making this decision, you need to consider major factors that will impact your business such as tax benefits and exemptions, loan finance requirements, legal benefits and impediments, the scope and object of your business, flexibility of operations and any other underlying factors. At Burhan & Associates, we have a team of expert corporate lawyers who will help you decide on the best business structure for your line of work. We will take into account what will be most beneficial and effective for you, as well as what will be the most reliable. Once you approve of the business structure we have decided on, we will begin the process of registration - so you don't have to worry about the hassle and tiredness that comes with it. All you need to do is give us a call, and we'll take care of the rest to get your new business up and running in no time!

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