Law Of Guardianship Certificate In Pakistan

In the event of a family dispute between husband and wife, the law may require the custodial parent to apply for a guardian certificate - even if they have been granted custody of the child by order of the court. For example, a custodial parent who wishes to travel abroad with their minor child, or a parent who wants to manage their child's property, is required to have a guardian certificate issued by the guardian court. If you're looking for the best family lawyers in Lahore, look no further than Burhan & Associates. We can quickly arrange for your guardian certificate from the guardian court. At Burhan & Associates, we specialize in providing our clients with the best legal services possible. We're dedicated to making sure that our clients' needs are always met, and that they're able to get the best results possible. A guardian certificate is required in certain cases when custody of a minor is separated or divorced between husband and wife, and subsequently disputes surface with regard to custody of the minor. The guardian certificate is issued by the court after following the prescribed procedure, irrespective of whether custody is consensual or ordered by the court. If you're a custodial parent seeking to travel outside of Pakistan with your minor child or manage their property, you'll need to obtain a Guardian Certificate from the Guardian Court. In some cases, such as when relatives or family members have foster custody of a minor, they may also need to obtain a Guardian Certificate for the same reasons. Our team of the best family lawyers in Lahore at Burhan & Associates can help you get your guardian certificate from the guardian court quickly and efficiently.

How TO Get Guardianship certificate In Pakistan?

If you are the mother, father, or relative of a minor in Pakistan, you can apply for a guardian certificate from the Guardian Court. To do so, you must file a petition in the Guardian Court of competent jurisdiction. The court has jurisdiction if the minor lives permanently or presently in the area. If the court entrusts a guardian petition, it will order publication in a widely circulated newspaper to invite objections from the public. If no one appears from the other side and there are no objections on the record, the court will direct the petitioner to present evidence in court and provide documentary and oral evidence of witnesses. After that, the court will issue a guardianship certificate.


Documents Required For Obtaining Guardianship certificate?

There are a few essential documents you'll need when filing for guardianship of a minor. These include the child's birth certificate or B-Form, their education record (if any), the petitioner's CNIC, legal proof of relation to the child, and the marriage certificate. If there are any other relevant documents, be sure to include them as well


Child Adoption Procedure In Pakistan

The process of adopting a child in Pakistan can be challenging since there is no direct law for it, but our team of experienced lawyers at Burhan & Associates can help you through it. We have successfully completed adoptions for several local and foreign clients and we can put our expertise to work for you as well. Based in Lahore, our team will fight for the best possible outcome for your adoption case so that you can finally bring your child home.

How To Adopt Child Legally In Pakistan?


STEP 1: Report From Reputable Specialist Regarding Health Of Child

Before signing a contract, it is important that a reputable paediatric specialist conducts a complete check-up and examination of the minor, and issues a medical report to show that the minor is in perfect health.


STEP 2: Prepare Child Adoption Contract

Adoption contracts are just like any other contract in the sense that they need to have an offer and acceptance in order to be valid. However, what sets them apart is the amount of detail that needs to go into them in order for the transaction to be legal. For example, the contract must include very specific information about the child being adopted, their real parents, and the adopting parents. It must also state where the child will be living with their new parents as well as the reasons why the real parents are giving them up for adoption.


STEP 3: Obtain Guardianship Certificate From Court

After the child adoption contract is executed, the adopted parents must appear in front of the guardian court in order to get legally declared as the guardians of the minor. A petition is filed in this regard, wherein the real parents are given notice by the court to make a statement. Once both parties have been heard and all evidence has been submitted, the court issues a guardian certificate favouring the adopted child. Our team will ensure that you do not have to appear in court any more than necessary. You will only have to appear in court once with the adopted child and we will take care of the entire procedure for you.

STEP 4: Planning To Travel Abroad With Child

If you wish to travel abroad with your adopted child, you will need to obtain formal approval from the court. It's important to understand that you will need permission from the court to take the child outside of the country and this can only be done after you have obtained the guardianship certificate. You will need to file an application with the court in order to seek permission to travel abroad and the court will examine the reason for travel before allowing the child to travel. At Burhan & Associates, we have not only made the process of child adoption simpler, but also safer and more convenient for adopted parents. You no longer need to fear real parents attempting to cancel the adoption. For consultation, please feel free to contact us and we shall take care of the entire procedure.

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