How an Overseas Pakistani Wife can get Divorce/ Khula?

Overseas Pakistani Wife who wish to divorce their spouses or obtain a khula from a Pakistan family court can now do so without having to be present in Pakistan.


If you're a Pakistani woman living outside of Pakistan who desires to obtain a khula from a Family Court without returning to Pakistan, you can follow this procedure:

You'll need to execute a special power of attorney which designates any person as your special attorney/ representative. The Special Power of Attorney will need to be attested by the nearest Pakistan High Commission in your country of stay and sent via courier to your special attorney/representative in Pakistan.

Your representative shall have the express power to represent you before the court and to make statements on your behalf, in addition to the power to appoint a lawyer and sign suit documents. He must also have the power to appear and represent you before the Union council in order to file an application for the issuance of a Divorce Effectiveness Certificate.

If you want to get khula, your personal representative can eventually file a case in court. Once the khula decree is obtained, your lawyer can file an application for a divorce certificate from the Union Council where your Nikah was registered, or where you lived during your stay in Pakistan.

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